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Free educational downloads for drum teachers!

This page is home to the updated and heavily expanded Drum Teacher Toolbox, a big collection of free worksheets designed for bonus lesson material.

"Drum Teacher Toolbox is a thoughtful study designed to save a teacher's time, while offering a student the chance to 'hit all the right notes.' If you teach young players or just want to brush up on your own foundation, you owe it to yourself to check it out!"

David Stanoch - Percussion faculty @ McNally Smith College of Music (USA) & author of Mastering the Tables of Time

The various .pdf files are all free to download and photocopy, and will hopefully save you some lesson planning time!

PDF The original DTT - 44 pages of 'bonus' exercises for students who need that extra bit of work on things like quarter and eighth rests, or the introduction of 16th notes. A great supplement to a book like Creative Drumming Made Simple.

PDF Drummer theory - jokes aside, this is a brief explanation of theoretical concepts relevant to beginner drummers, such as dynamics, note values, ties, dots and syncopated notation.

PDF Charts - 8 simple charts that were written specifically to cover certain problem areas such as counting through rests, learning compound time or applying flams. Also useful for school performances!

PDF Technical work - bits and pieces concerning rudiments and 'work outs' for technical development.

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