Unlike other beginner drumset texts, CDMS guides the student through the creative process after presenting new technical material – giving them an opportunity to inspire themselves and build musicality. There are many pages dedicated to creating your own rhythms, grooves, fills, solos and entire songs – complete with 15 audio tracks to download and play along with.

Sample pages – Make your own rhythms – Crazy left hand grooves – Space Quest

“Dan’s material is designed for the young drummer with a focused “performance practice” in mind and offers a challenging blend of groove styles, ensemble playing and chart reading skills. Check it out!” – David Stanoch (USA) – Drummer/educator and author of Mastering the Tables of Time


Backing Tracks

Zip folder of all files (38MB)

Page 9 – So far so good
Page 17 – Black Pearl
Page 19, 20 and 39 –  Slow fills – Medium fills – Fast fills 
Page 26 – Old School
Page 27 – Chili Jam
Page 34 – Mr E.
Page 43 – Spotlight
Page 48 – Triplet fills
Page 49 – Flanders
Page 56 – Bass loop
Page 57 – Bass loop 1 – Bass loop 2
Page 58 –  Space Quest

Videos of play-along songs

So Far So Good (p.9)

Black Pearl (p. 17)

Old School (p. 26)

Chili Jam (p. 27)

Mr. E (p.34)

Spotlight (p. 43)

Flanders (p. 49-50)

* Space Quest (p. 58) requires you to write your own drum part.