The following .pdf files are free to print and (unlike my drum books) are free to photocopy as you see fit. Hopefully they save you some lesson planning time!

  • Drum teacher toolbox – 44 pages of ‘bonus’ exercises for students who need that extra bit of work on things like quarter and eighth rests, or the introduction of 16th notes. A great supplement to a book like Creative Drumming Made Simple.
  • Technical work – 19 pages of ‘work outs’ and rudimental stuff for technical development. Some of these pages have been featured on the great website
  • Drummer theory – jokes aside, this is a brief explanation of theoretical concepts relevant to beginner drummers, such as dynamics, note values, ties, dots and syncopated notation.
  • Charts – 9 simple charts that were written specifically to cover certain problem areas such as counting through rests, learning compound time or applying flams. Also useful for school performances!

More coming soon…